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Private Early Pregnancy Dating Scan

Carried out to accurately date early pregnancy between 8 - 12 weeks.

It is imperative that ladies inform their GP/midwife and obtain a letter of approval prior to attending. A report will be generated and will be available for the GP/midwife.

Ultrasound is invaluable in assessment of the well being of the baby during pregnancy (find out more about ultrasound and pregnancy here). It is also particularly good at looking at muscle and a tendon injury caused by playing sports and is able to demonstrate blood clots in vessels, such as deep vein thrombosis.


Pregnant ladies are advised to consider the following protocol on booking their scan:

1. Pregnant ladies will be asked to sign a consent form on arrival at the centre

2. There may be professional healthcare students present during the scan

3. Inform their GPs/midwives that they are contemplating having a scan and a letter of approval should accompany them

(All scan are carried out by highly qualified members of the CUS teaching faculty and using the latest technology top of the range ultrasound scanners)

Private Early Pregnancy Dating Scan:  £75.00

Carried out to accurately date early pregnancy. We recommend pregnant ladies to attend between 8-12 weeks.